aka Pilena between Riga and Paris

Art. Style. Love


I am mother of two great kids Maya and Andrejs. Usually, when I am not blogging I’m working as a stylist and brand consultant on children fashion projects, which you are kindly invited to see in my Portfolio. Apart from that I paint, mainly portraits.

I am based in Riga (Latvia), but I spend a lot of time in Paris, so I would like to call it my second home.

I started my career in 2010 working on lifestyle articles in several Latvian magazines and writing design and children’s fashion blog Kids Gazette, that has survived many changes since then and now finally landed for you all to start reading it as a minute of inspiration.

My motto is seeking new challenges and when working in fashion and styling the most important is combining practicality and art.

After launching Kids Gazette, in 2011 I became noticed by professionals and was invited to contribute for top Latvian fashion magazines. Soon after the successful debut, I became the editor of the lifestyle newspaper for modern parents Mini Diena. I had my seasonal TV program as well. Now I work as an advisor for children’s fashion brands creating their seasonal look books, that have gained popularity amongst international colleagues and photographers such as Papier Mache, La Petite Magazine, Milk Magazine etc. I do also styling projects. Shoot on Zenit. Model for collaboration projects and many more… As my Mom said: “You have never been a routine person”! Thanks Mom, that’s true!

Santa Pilena