aka Pilena between Riga and Paris

Desperate optimist


Last week was a crazy run. You know, since September when kids started going to school/kindergarten, dances, sports…attending all that stuff that makes their life more exciting (and mine much less) as with every day more and more I become a crazy lady driver taking them back and forth through out the town. And above all that, I’m still trying to earn something for living. Thanks God, I love my work, because otherwise I’d become a mad man.

It’s late Sunday night and I’m hoping that next week will be a bit calmer. I’m a desperate optimist! Actually, I’m lying to myself right now, but let it be. (Let it be, let it be sounding in my head now and I’m off to bed.)

It wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t show you my latest inspirations, so here they come. You are welcome to click!


-) Oh, this is so beautiful. A book I would like to have!

-) Caught driving. Would you mind?

-) For the lazy ones. Yes, I love the Moon too!

-) Don’t have a lunch buddy? Here is not a bad company…doesn’t speak much though.

-) When your house is a giant notebook. Don’t miss this video if Florence Welch means something to you.

-) If you feel sad, know you are not alone.

-) Paris, You still surprise me!

-) It’s not that I like it…just something different. Memphis style.

AND HERE GOES THE VISUAL PART (all photos from dazeddigital.com ASHISH SS16)









In the above photos, I’m wearing latest H&M garments and accessories. Shot by my 8 years old daughter Maya.