aka Pilena between Riga and Paris

From one Saturday to the other

Happy May 1st! For me it feels like Monday was yesterday, because I don’t remember such a rush in my life during the past few months. First of all I’m very happy my intern Erika has joined Kids Gazette and is already making my life easier and we have some new projects on our TO DO list. Second I’m glad returning back to the gallery, museum schedule, where I visit an exhibition every weekend. Last Saturday was Kaspars Teodors Brambergs turn, but today was the first day of  opening  Magnetism of Provence (Art Museum Riga Bourse) exhibiting Renoir, Picasso, Matisse etc till 5th July, so I went there with kids Maya and Andreys.

But the main thing which took most of my time was getting ready for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. That’s serious. We are having a grand party tomorrow, that hopefully will be elegant in the beginning and a lot of fun with singing and dancing at the end.

Bye, bye… I’m almost off to a very nice event this evening EAT. TALK . LAUGH. which is a dinner where mostly oysters and seafood is served in a pop-up place, where you share the table with your friends, their friends and people you have never met before. Here you can check their Facebook page…in case you didn’t know or happen to be in Riga some time…don’t miss! The atmosphere is more than romantic, friendly and fun.

(Photos are shot on film a few weeks ago, when my dear friend Signe Meirane was having her birthday morning cake in Rocket Bean Rostery.)

And now it’s time for my WEEKLY inspiration and finds:

let’s try this. Home party drink idea.

food baby. I really guess, what the parents have in mind. Yet funny.

girls this movie is for us! Love story and costumes.

girls by Alexa Chung.

great idea to make your friends happy!! Present idea.

– two people I like on Instagram – Olivier and Umberta.

yum! you don’t have to choose 1.