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Happy 16th Birthday

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Have you ever thought of the many wonderful, funny, silly pics you capture with your kids on the phone? What happens with them? Ok! Facebook, Instagram. Hopefully you save them on your computer. But will they ever get them from you? I am not so sure, UNLESS….

So a year ago we were shooting a story with my kids Maya and Andreys for a magazine and our dearest photographer Vika Anisko suggested an idea! The best idea about a birthday present for kids 16th birthday I have heard so far. The point is: you create an e-mail for each of you kid and send the best pics from day to their accounts. When they are 16 or 18 even, just present them the password! I just love the idea.

Don’t do it once a year as you will be crazy annoyed by spending hours and hours for it. Make it a habit! As soon as you have pics – email them! I’m sure they will appreciate the present! I would!

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