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Just choose to be happy

I’m now sitting at my desk and in front of me I read “People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer and all life for happiness.” And then I realize – NOW! It’s happening exactly now… it is Friday, it is summer (ok, almost) and happiness is just a state of mind and soul – and I am choosing it!

I think I am blessed. This last week has been wonderful for me and for the ones I care for. First of all, last Sunday we took part in biggest marathon in Latvia, running together with Maris and our two kids 5 km. Not much, but I should admit it is a real teambuilding event! Second, Maris with his band Prata Vetra released their 11th studio album with songs that break my hear. No really, go and check on Spotify (it is available in Latvian, English, and Russian), I bet you will like it.

And third…I can’t wait for tomorrow morning, because how I love coffee in bed and a long brunch with zero hurry and a good book, walks and all the rest… What are your plans for the weekend?

Next week on my blog will be all about prom night. So stay with me if you like some sweet life!


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Photo: backstage of magazine Cetras Sezonas by Santa Bindemane shot on film