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Holidays are round the corner

Inspired by Monsieur Tati and Mr Hulot’s Holiday – a funny french comedy from 1953, this photo story in cooperation with H&M Studio Kids collection comes just in the right time… when we start longing for sun and summer holidays. They will catch us faster than we think, but meanwhile, let’s enjoy Tati and fill our kids wardrobes with items from the latest collection, that looks more vintage cool than ever.

Photo & Style: Santa Pīlēna

Story told by Maya & Andrejs Mihelsoni

Lovely Wear, accesories, toys and tattoos: H&M Studio Kids 2017

Currently reading: Mother of pop art


I’m a book person. There is no night (almost) I can fall asleep without reading pages from my personal, tiny bedside library. Since I have been interested in art, I mean not generally, but like really into it, I have been quite curious about art collectors, dealers and the ones who move the business. The last week Ileana Sonnabend (Ambassador for the New) is on my top list. She was not only an inspiring art dealer, but owner of two galleries – one in New York, other in Paris, she not only introduced post American artists to Western Europe art lovers, she was named – Mother of pop art. Continue reading

Art as playground


I am very happy whenever an exhibition is built around the interests of our youngest generation, still most of them try to keep us at an arms length. While the art shown in National museums are more for the eyes, modern spaces who exhibit works of contemporary artists can be quite exciting for little girls and boys. I recently found several artists who will definitely be on my “Must see” list whenever they will be shown in Riga or cities round the globe I travel to as they create art as a playground – TOUCH, SEE and FEEL. Continue reading

Blown away by Ballets Russes


Can’t remember anything more inspiring in recent years as this one… The two words “Ballets Russes” was on my mind for a while, but I had been too lazy to google what it really was…until my last visit to Paris where I went to see the great exhibition of Picasso, until a book I’m reading about Mark Chagall, where Western culture didn’t take him very seriously until all things Russian became a top trend…partly or almost mainly thanks to Ballets Russes (1909-1929).

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Artist about art


For the last 2 years I have been a self taught art student, gathering art books and artists biographies in piles beside my bed. There have been days, I have spent with Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Warhol, Calder, Kusama (big names mainly as I am still at the beginning of the “road”) etc, but I got really involved with Marcel Duchamp. I found a tinny book in a bookshop in Paris named THE AFTERNOON INTERVIEWS published in 2013, yet the artist was interviewed in 1964. I must say I enjoyed his ideas pretty much. I will share some with you today.

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Museum day


I truly believe, that you have to show kids art, it might inspire them and change their perception of society. Take them to museums as often as possible and they will be thankful one day. Continue reading