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4 months to school


Welllll, I have an 8 year old girl at home who has just told me she’s not satisfied with her school bag – it looks oldschool (which I can agree as I ordered her one from ebay in the style of early 90s. To me it looked cool and stylish though. And it was a bag of my dreams when I was her age. Parent mistake obviously!) and she wants a backpack like all her classmates have – a sporty one. Couldn’t convince her that to be different is just the right attitude in life. Maybe you can understand it better with age. Hopefully!

But that’s just a part of the story, as I wanted to share this new find I one day spotted on instagram and couldn’t believe my eyes. Even when you know it’s just an optical illusion, your brain doesn’t get it. How cool is that? If Roy Lichtenstein was alive, it would probably be his business!

JumpFromPaper is is a stylish accessory brand designing bags with boldness and playfulness, with an attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy. Colorful, quirky and always with a sense of humor, JumpFromPaper stands for the passion to make laughs, and encourages people to let their imagination go wild!

So at the end of the day, it’s 4 months to school, when my little Maya will get a new backpack. I’ll try to show her this one. Maybe it’s a better choice, or we will still stick with Nike or smth.











Web: JumpFromPaper.com