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Funstagram of April

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I am an Instagram addict! And I am good with that! So, don’t tell me I should scroll less, because I just did a public confession and feel “whoooo” released! My instagram name is @kidsgazette and I sometimes post also through my official Kids Gazette blog account @kidsgazetteofficial which is now in hands of my intern Erika! So there is gone be a lot of new stuff starting form May!

This week you can check our first #kidsgazettediet , where the idea of diet is wearing clothes picked by my kids! You can also share your pics and are welcome to join, using our hashtag. (How do I always manage to get off the main idea. I guess it’s my crazy, quick brain, that runs much faster than I can write. See it’s happening again.)

Today I’m posting 13 of my favorite April insta posts from people I follow and unfollow or don’t follow which have made me smile, or even laugh. Like the parrot with a lighter! Enjoy!

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Says: Visited @qooqooshka and that’s a reason why I’ll be wearing lace and be hungry.

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