aka Pilena between Riga and Paris


Paris Chez Moi


Dear friends following this blog or my Instagram, most probably you have noticed that I am in Paris. This city is my second biggest love after Latvia, and for sure it never dissapoints even if the weather is windy or it rains 24/7. I can always find magic in streets, little cafes and places I see for the first time.

This post will be a bit different from other Paris travel posts as I had no special idea in mind about what I should write…I chose to be free and just enjoy, taking some notes and ideas from people I met.


I took this picture on my first day in Paris (together with designer of kids fashion brand Paade Mode – dear friend Linda Raituma). Linda on left. Me on the right side.


I usually stay in the 8th arrondissement, which still is my favorite one, but for a change… Marais was nice. Much more lively. My appartment had this sign on the door.


The wonderful weekend morning in Marais when people ar still in beds.


And this is absolutely beautiful, but not that practical staircase without elevator, which I climbed daily. You really have to get used to the tiny way of living. My appartment was not much bigger than the bathroom I have in Riga, but was super cozy. I then thought, maybe I should buy a small studio in Paris, but I had no idea that 10 sq m cost 140 thousand euros. Can you imagine that?!! So, I’ll better be renting.


Nightlife in Marais is really nice.


And this is my daily wear in Paris. Have I told you that my favorite color is grey… black. And I am pretty much into tomboy style at the moment, so the shoes look like from my boyfriends closet.


Another morning instead of having breakfast at home I went to St Regis. A place suggested by my friend from school – Ieva Lazdane. A very talanted interior and shop window decorator. I think she worked for Fendi or Armani, or someone from that gang. At the moment Ieva lives in the south of France (at least that is what she told me). What’s concerning St Regis – order omelette for breakfast – it is divine.


In Paris no matter what the weather is like I prefer walking instead of metro or taking a cab, because that is the only way I see the city. This beautiful bridge was a new find for me. It is located near Notre Dame.


And then there is this magical and legendary book shop – Shakespeare and Co, which has been featured in romantic movies, but I was not lucky as it was closed. I was looking forward to find some old book with a special cover or a nice novel to read. Well, next time for sure. P.S. For me it was hard to find it, as from the map it is hard to understand where rue la Bucherie starts. But don’t give up until you find it. Shakespeare is worth it.


They sell new and old books.


On my instagram I mentioned, that I was visiting Pompidou. First because they have such great exhibitions – always something new, but second – for the amazing view over Paris.


When I am in Paris, I never pass vintage shops. I don’t enter every shop on my way, but there are some favorite ones. I did’t buy, but I found this funny vest which made me smile.


Instead I got this. It is not that old – maybe 90s, but fits perfectly.


And I never pass by an old chocolate/candy shop. I love the windows and that they haven’t changed much ever since. This one is in the 9th arrondissement.


Hotel in Paris (Amour) I would like to stay for a change. A friend of Garance Dore (chic blogger and girlfiend of Sartorialist) had suggested it, so I went to see and really liked it. Sorry for the quality of pic, but was such a dark weather.


Do you ever go to Sacre Coeur – the church up the hill? Maybe you haven’t noticed but just the street down the hill there is a small district with shops selling fabrics. Most of them sell bad stuff, but you can still find pretty cotton fabrics with little flower patterns and very french like.


This is how it looks like along the street of Charles Nodier.


I liked this pattern. Could be a nice, funny shirt for my boy.


This is the church I am speaking. I always go there when I am in Paris. There are tourists, tourists, tourists, but you can find a place for a quiet prayer or moment for yourself.


Another amzing view from Sacre Coeur.


And this was a beautiful street decoration.


New fashion people cafe in Palais Royal galleries – Kitsune cafe selling coffee, cookies and some souveniers. Suggested by Clara Dayet – web editor of Milk Magazine.


Magic on the street. Paris is very family friendly city with lots of parks, ateliers (suggest the “Frida et Moi” in Pompidou), shops and whatever you can imagine. So take your kids to Paris.

And here is a little collection of the doors from Paris. Another object I like when walking down the streets.






The last evening… it is raining outside, so I decided to stay in my tiny Marais studio watching romantic movies and writing this blog post. Meg Ryan you are the best and The French Kiss is a good choice to get the right mood.