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Weekly inspiration: On my way to long talks and walks


Whoo! What a great time of a year – every day hot, blue sky and the fantastic feeling when you know that work has been done and week of nature, countryside, cows, fresh milk, vegies, sunrise, fog, long talks and walks, late dinners in candlelight, friends visiting and a lot more awaits. I am happy as a child! But here are some of my latest inspirations.

One of the things I love so much about life… friends visiting, eating together, talking, laughing and having fun. So I enjoy these pics…






Some things that made me smile, feel and listen:


borrow the idea.

what a move.

– i like the color palette.

my dear dear France in 30’s.

amazing feather fans.

shopping time.

fun post about 90’s fashion.

– if you have kids, then looking at their drawings after THIS, might be a new experience.

and some fresh art.

Photo: National Geography, Spain 1929; etsy; awelltraveledwoman; refinery29; pinwheelcollective; kinfolk.